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For our 21st podcast, InFiné presents an hour of 100% vinyl cuts selected and mixed by PIERRE LX. (Spotify Profile)

Some of you may recognise the moniker from elusive but on point French electronic label Initial Cuts, and a couple of brilliant 12" including remixes by Jus-ed, Miles Whitaker, Brun of Swayzak or Enola. 

Pierre is a nomad. His passport may be French but he spent most of his adolescence in Brazil before becoming besotted with London in the 2000’s and making the move. At that time, the British capital had it all. Countless record stores, clubs, a highly active music community, promoters and analog equipment. The 2012 Olympics disrupted the ecosystem and made life more difficult for underground artists in East London. Despite favourable feedback from the press and DJ community on his debut album (Out 1), Pierre decided to pack up his studio and move to Warsaw. 

After Barcelona and Berlin, the wind seems to be blowing east. Krakow'’s electronic music scene is thriving, hosting Warp Records 25th anniversary this year, and the Polish capital is increasingly becoming home to a diverse range of artists. After a little break in production (maybe due to the long and cold winter) and almost finishing a master in philosophy, Pierre has been sending us some gems recently. A very respectable North American label (that we can’'t reveal just yet) should be releasing a new EP before the end of the year and as you may have already guessed, we’'re fans of Pierre. Enjoy the podcast! 




1- Turzi - Bogota - Record Makers

2- Tokyo Black Star - Violent Rush - Sonar Kollektiv

3- John Roberts - Bodywork - Feel Music

4- Lerosa - Blinkerskate (her mix) - A Touch Of Class

5- TBA - Walk (C.U.T. remix) - Max Ernst

6- Cabaret Voltaire - Runaway - Parlophone

7- Mix Mup - How Much I Love You - Mikrodisko Recordings

8- Larry Heard - 25 Years From Alpha - Alleviated Records

9- Lydia Lunch - Master Alchemist I (Solvent version) - Echoism

10- Factory Aire - B.O.Y. (Atom TM remix) - Shaddock Records

11- Kuniyuki - Earth Beats (Magazine remix) - Mule Musiq

12- Theorem - Stasis - Plus 8 Records


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