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Vanessa Wagner

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Vanessa Wagner & Yoann Bourgeois: An exceptional session at Paris-Orly Airport

On Tuesday, June the 4th, 2019, Paris-Orly Airpot hosted an exceptional production: the meeting between the pianist Vanessa Wagner and circus company of Yoann Bourgeois. Vanessa Wagner played an excerpt from her latest album Inland, the iconic 'The Heart Asks Pleasure First' by Michael Nyman

Around her piano, placed in the middle of the nee junction building of Paris-Orly, Orly 3, two dancers culbuto have swayed in a choreography created by Yoann Bourgeois. This unique session has been immortalised by La Blogothèque. Its director, Elie Girard, wanted to shot a sequence that could express a form of “abstract musical poem, playing motives of travels, while freezes in time and space”.

Available in the Parisian MK2 Movie Theatres from the 3rd of July until the 17th of July. 

Vanessa Wagner 

Pianist since a young age, Vanessa Wagner, a talented performer, Révélation des Victoires of classical music 1999, is recognised worldwide not only for the sensitivity of her piano skills but also richness of the repertoire that she explores. She has just released her new album “Inland”, which brings together rare or unpublished pieces of different contemporary composers. 

Yoann Bourgeois

He grew up in a small village in the Jura’s. The rest passed very quickly. In recent years, he and his collaborators, through a process of uninterrupted creation, have been implementing a program of deactivate the concept of time called “ Attempts to Approach a Point of Suspension”. His life is dedicated to the living art. 

La Blogothèque 

For 10 years, LaBlogothèque films music. The realisation of the movies is in sequence, in live sessions, in unique places, whether with the series of “Concert à Emporter” or either with Patrmonies. “As music is at the heart of our films, we choose to record in live sound, using microphones neckties to be closer to the sound of the instruments, and recording the environment to better describe an atmosphere, a sound of a place”. 

Paris Aéroport 

Since 2015, Paris Aéroport has been hosting musical creation at its terminals: Rone, Gautier Capuçon, Nicolas Godin, Metronomy, Léonie Pernet, Rhye, Petit Biscuit and even Mount Kimbie. It is an unprecedented encounter between two artistic universes that is in the spotlight, music and dance, to discover, Orly 3, a new building that surfacing from the ground, connects the two historic terminals of Orly.

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