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Sometimes we get lucky enough to witness music collaborations that are so genuine and harmonious, almost as they were written on the creative path of an artist. This is the case for the new soon to be released collaboration signed by Rone, Erwan Castex, and the young acclaimed Haitian-Canadian Melissa Laveaux, a singer who combines her strong personality and fearless attitude as Black Queer artist to a personal interpretation of Haitian music.

Rone, who in the last decade has released four critically acclaimed albums, joins his forces to Melissa Laveaux in a track that uplifts the youthful and sensual voice of the singer bringing folk and blues elements to his production. ‘Golden Solitude’ reveals a territory at the crossroads of experimental hacks and an intimate pop voice, holding the listener in a bittersweet melancholic state that resonates to what we perceive as solitude, in a work that calls out all our dreams. ‘Draft 38’ instead, has the task to hold that immersive feeling of solitude and brighten it up, framing it in a peaceful and restfulness key. Cerebral and sensual, it's a piece of explorers, searched without being clutter, where the magic is as much for electronic loops as for analog machines.  The duo met during the PEOPLE artist residency organized by Bon Iver, Bryce Dessner, and the MichelBerger Hotel at the Funkhaus Studios in Berlin. 

Melissa Laveaux: "I met Erwan at the PEOPLE festival where everyone knew each other already and I felt like I was alone in an ocean of indie music celebrities. I was really touched that Erwan invited me - a musician he barely knew - to first listen to a piece he was not entirely sure, and then invite me to sing it. The song is inspired by the Hermit tarot card that leaves alone in search of the truth - a phase, through which one passes all at one time or another. It takes courage, like making someone listen to a new piece that you do not know much about." 

Rone: "We were then about 80 artists to experiment during a week in the mythical studios of the Funkhaus. Just as I was composing a small electronic loop, I heard Melissa's beautiful voice in an adjacent studio. I invited her to sing on my notes and the magic worked instantly. It is a very spontaneous piece that I wished to keep as pure and refined as possible so that it is like a photograph of this joyous meeting.
'Draft 38' is the model of what will become the instrumental of my song 'Switches' with English singer Baxter Dury, on the album Mirapolis. It is therefore a very rough version, before mixing, arrangements of copper and strings."

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