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Thibault Renou

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We are thrilled to welcome and introduce you the composer Thibault Renou and his project Maïsha Suite! 
Following La Fraicheur, Léonie Pernet, Frieder Nagel, Deena Abdelwahed, Mischa Blanos or Labelle, he joins the team bringing a new color to InFiné’s rainbow.

Thibault Renou is a French musician, composer and producer who was trained in jazz and classical music at the conservatoire, and bass player alongside many artists and bands. He is part of many multidisciplinary experiences before founding the Ensemble Bibenduum in 2011 and becoming bassist and arranger musician of Fakear between 2014 and 2018, and then developing his own producer project.

‘Maïsha Suite’ is his debut album - Maïsha means “life“ in Swahili, Suite refers to the numerous Duke Ellington suites - created with the Ensemble Bibenduum at the crossroads of minimalism, ambient and orchestral pop. An odyssey placing the musician as one of the new jazz scene’s figures, notably revived by bands like Go Go Penguin, Portico Quartet, Kokoroko, Ezra Collective and Ishmael Ensemble... The album was self-produced a few months ago but we thought it deserved the summer light and our support.
'Maïsha Suite' is set for release on June 28th on InFiné.



Playlist: Thibault Renou - Influences 


Pre-order Maïsha Suite - digital album


1. Abime (part I)  
2. Abime (part II)  
3. Air 
4. Ma Neige 
5. Solide
6. Vertigo
7. Waves
8. Maïsha Suite


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