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Following up on his The Wanderer project, one of InFiné's seedlings dives headfirst into bucolic abandon with a new EP: along its five delicate, spiraling electronica piece, Novae Gemmae plays like a naive ode to the rebirth of flora.

What if we could stop and smell the flowers, just for the running time of an EP, to focus on the natural world around us? What if we took a moment to shut out the ambient alarmism, to get back to the wonderment of Renaissance wanderers – think Ronsard – who marveled at the blooming of spring? What if we thought of the environment as operating in a constant cycle instead of creeping towards its finale? And, finally, what if we put all cynicism aside and surrendered to an electronic hymn to the glory of future flowerings?

It is in this spirit that the first release by Aārp (for "arpeggio"), The Wanderer's latest incarnation, was created. Drawing from the same sources as many of artists from the InFiné stable (equals parts Warp and classical composers from past to present), the label's floundering young sprout further refines the delicate work he had begun over two EPs and a video, providing us with an exploded view. Created with an eye on the awakening of vegetation, Novae Gemmae borrow its title ("new buds") from Latin, a language in which nature was studied at length – from treatises of science and philosophy, during the modern era, well before the industrial era. This inspirational breeding ground, which echoes the ecological concerns of our time, is the birthplace of a handful of pieces with more candid colours, poise in composition, and more vividly expressed emotions.

In aiming for this more articulate expression, Aārp has moved away from the infinite possibilities that computer production allows by limiting himself (give or take) to the Elektron Monomachine's six monophonic voices. This results in modest writing and pure production, in full control of its effects, making the point that less can indeed be more.

Novae Gemmae thus unfolds like a cycle in several stages, opening with `Gemmae 1 ́ & 2, a majestic melodic deployment redolent with cascades and synth lines that sidle up to trance techno, followed by `Gemmae 3 ́, a leap of faith into more tranquil waters, and a hyperactive rebound under multiple luminous arcs ( `Gemmae 4 ́), before finally walking off the runway, in a mood of isolation and doubt – as if the continuation would not be far behind.

Aārp thus presents a gorgeous attempt at botanical electronica, sowed by a delicate wind of hope and innocence.



01 - Gemma I 

02 - Gemma II

03 - Gemma III

04 - Gema VI

05 - Gemma V 

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Artwork, video and booklet by visual artist Patrice Acardy






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