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La Fraicheur

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La Fraicheur New Video "Renegade"

Continuing their transatlantic creative relationship, the music video for “Renegade” being their fourth collaboration, Berlin-based French music producer La Fraicheur and Mexican CDMX film maker and video artist Manuel D. Lira use this new opportunity to deepen their ongoing questioning of gender, queer identities and body politics.


Reclaiming narratives through a story-telling approach manifesting genuine intimacy, this video is a celebration of spaces outside of heteronormativity, a "beautiful horror" in the words of Lira, where identity is both a self creation and tool for expression.


The dual reality of queer & trans identities, both vulnerable and powerful, is not only beautifully recognised here, but worn as a badge of honor, dignified. The importance of community, chosen family and the bonds withstanding the hardest of times, honored.


This video, riding on the magic of escapism, is a love letter to friendship and solidarity in times of virulent and unabashed surge of hate towards the LGBTQI community worldwide.

«Renegade» is extract from the album Self Fulfilling Prophecy released on InFiné.


The brand new EP of La Fraicheur, Self Fulfilling Prophecy Remixes (InFiné), included remixes of Noncompliant, Scalameriya, VTSS, Soukie et Windish is also available.


2018.12.08 - Transmusicales Festival - Rennes, FR

2018.12.09 - INAsound (Palais Brongniart) - Paris - FR

2019.01.01 - Mensch Meier - Berlin - DE

2019.01.04 - Gegen - Kitkat Club - Berlin - DE

2019.01.17 - Eurosonic - Groningen - NL

2019.01.18 - Le Goût Des Autres Festival - Le Havre - FR

2019.01.26 - Manifesto XXL - La Java - Paris - FR

2019.01.31 - House of Red Doors - Wilde Renate - Berlin - DE

2019.02.02 - OOAM Festival - Baden - CH





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