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Léonie Pernet

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Dive into the shadows to find the light: Léonie Pernet's debut album "Crave" is out now with a new video directed by Marco Dos Santos

Like a dive into an amniotic fluid, Léonie Pernet's first album at 28 years old, gives a sense of the vertigo of endless nights. Those nights spent boxing against oneself, without knowing if morning will ever come.

Crave: this record would be one, as it’s title suggests, of an oppressive desire, a clawing at the shadows and shafts of light; a desire that it took three years since her first EP Two of us (Kill the DJ Records, 2014) for Léonie to experience it, compose it and, finally, share it.

A record of restlessness - this album was written in solitude, sometimes toxic, that only Alf (Stéphane Briat) pierced through for the mixing process. This cloistered approach has supported Léonie - she doesn't support compromise and takes each decision alone: each of the 11 tracks on this record was written with innate fetal-like blatancy, in a studio in Barbés, Paris - which could have been renamed faith. A record made by one - but one who is populated by her talents in her solitude. Léonie is unique - a Drummer (as discovered in the band with Yuksek), pianist, arranger, and singer with a wide range of tessitura. Léonie is a kaleidoscope coloured by her musicianship and influences. In African Melancholia the tinges of something that reminds us of the mechanical animals of Marilyn Manson, whereas, equally in Crave there is the appearance of the baroque spectrum of Klaus Nomi. Elsewhere they are the echos of Mansfield Tya, the memory of Jeanne Moreau, Rachmaninov or even Philip Glass, as well as elements of Caribou. A poem by François de Malherbe gives Rose its words when, not far away, the sublime Hanaa discusses the the anxiety of being via psalms in Arabic.

Crave is a record of collision. A trajectory of dependencies and successive liberation. One must imagine it as a crossing of blue waters by a legendary hybrid amphibious creature - much like Léonie herself. After a stormy schooling, Léonie studied the sacred art of liturgical music at university, while organizing her first club nights; this combination created an active political conscience (2013 - 2016 manifesting in her internet poetics via mixes : Mix pour tous, Mix debout, and Mix d’entre deux tours, which were daily mixes of electro scratching, precisely aimed rants, and mystical wells of light - similar to the record she gives birth to today.

Léonie Pernet's music is reverberated and cinematographic. (She wrote the soundtrack of Bébé Tigre by Cyprien Vial, 2015, and two tracks used for Marvin by Anne Fontaine, 2017). It is as spacious as a place of worship. Her voice whispers - a call for breath. Léonie Pernet, as confined as she was when she composed, has a taste for doors that open and take her elsewhere. Listening to this record, at its end comes a feverish insomnia, perhaps you will feel the wind of a morning; soft light gives a tune - you who don't want to say anything. It's that which tells me about her, her nights, our nights..


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"Butterfly" video is a reclamation of the body, the freedom of spirit, for its existential characters through partying, dance. A mix of singularities through the rigor of some, and abandonment of others - to which doubt doesn’t exist.

The camera takes us on a walk, from outside to inside; from the open and obedient day, to the artificial and out-dated night. Which creeps in an permeates – no missing anyone and benefiting from every angle. Boys, girls, who is who, who does what, and in the middle, a dancer whose mastery of the rhythm calls for admiration whether she is alone or surrounded by all. She, Léonie and their shadows, guide us through the adventure and stimulate our group,each of which seems linked from their heart to this tormented environment,scattered here and there.

Inspired by the popular dance style of the 90s which combines urban and popular dances (like the Shuffle, Jumpstyle, and Tecktonik), here the camera captures only the body movements and to portray a general, stylistic and recognizable ornament from the world of the contemporary dance. Butterfly is a piece at 125bpm, meaning that the shuffle’s average speed whose soft energy and rhythm do not leave anyone indifferent. Taking the physical intensity of the Vogguin, making it more brutal but just as flexible, the flow provoked by these dances when they are mastered is as much of a captivating performance as the concept of energy in its raw state

About Marco Dos Santos, the director

Keeping it simple: he loves music,images,music in images,and images in music.It is impossible for him to doubt, even for a second, their association. Mixing universes of styles, sometimes pacey, sometimes calm, using cuts and collages, lighting, or well thought out shots, ideas from here and there, variations and evolutions, everything is possible.



28.09.18 : Le Temps Machine - Tours/FR

12.10.18: Victoire 2 - Montpellier/FR (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

17.10.18 : MaMA Festival -Paris/FR

25.10.18 : Des Lendemains qui Chantent - Tulle/FR (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

06.11.18 : La Nef - Angoulême/FR (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

07.11.18 : Le Confort Moderne - Poitiers/FR (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

14.11.18 : Paul B - Massy/FR (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

15.11.18: La Cartonnerie - Rennes/FR (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

16.11.18 : La Laiterie – Strasbourg (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

17.11.18: Le Black Lilith (dj set) - Grenoble/FR

23.11.18 : Les Docks - Lausanne/CH (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

28.11.18:  La Carène - Brest/FR (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

29.11. 2018 : Le Carré Sevigné - Cesson Sévigné/FR (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

12.12.18 : Stereolux - Nantes/FR (1ere partie Jeanne Added)

25.01.19 La Gaîté Lyrique - Paris/FR (Release Party)



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