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This podcast section celebrates its 20th instalment with psychedelic journey mixed by Ricardo Tobar.

InFiné likes South America - more precisely the psychedelic effects that most South American artists inject in their music. This mixed feeling of distorted happiness and hypnotic reality has certainly something to do with their ancient shamanic heritage. Most French people like that feeling as well. I would bet that this is a part of our disturbed relationship with our “glorious” past history. We are just particularly sensitive to the charms of the “lost paradise”. But enough of dubious theories...

The facts: Ricardo Tobar, native from “Viña Del Mar” in Chile, lives neither in London (where James Holden released his first EP), nor in Cologne, that other European capital for psychedelic techno (especially Traum Schallplatten), but in Paris. Last year he released his most experimental EP (Esoteric/Carnaval) for the French imprint In Paradisium, followed by his first album “Treillis” on Desire. We liked it a lot here. 

This 60-minute mix encompasses all what we like about Ricardo´s music. His ability to flirt with raw textures and analog sounds, to build a schizophrenic momentum, and then move on with an ethereal germ. We wish you a pleasant journey!

Originally broadcasted on InFiné "L´Emission" on radio Campus Paris.

And in full glory on our Soundcloud account !


Tracklisting :


01- wolf eyes - chattering lead

02- hieroglyphic being - letters from the edge

03- container - rattler

04- elektriktus - second wave

05- slowdive - crazy for you

06- not waving - redacted 5

07- massinko - track 6

08- primal scream - invisible city (daniel avery remix)

09- psyche - the saint became a lush

10- marc piñol - edit service 21

11- le carousel - away (ivan smagghe rmx)

12 - the pyramids - birthspeedmerging suite part 3 reaffirmation (extract)

13- ferreira do nascimento - macongo me chiquita 


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