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Become music activist!

We are glad to present our new free compilation on Bandcamp, made of our latest releases and exclusive tracks, for you and for a better world.

8 tracks as a portrait; to give a view of our present and to get a vision into our future. "Music Activists" captures the essence of our activity.

InFiné has always stood behind those who were different, who took the risk of re-imagining the future. To advocate diversity is vital to us, more than ever. For us, the artists that we surround ourselves with, and you, give us the power to do more and go further !

It's good to dance, but can we stay blind in front of the confusion around us? This world is changing and our artists are confronting this impalpable uneasiness that surrounds us.

Moving forward, InFiné is proud to be alongside these talented artists who know how to listen to the world, to breathe humanity, poetry, and love into it, and sound the alarms.

It is our priesthood, we are "Music Activists" since 2006; it’s now up to you to take part in this mission by helping us to share these values.

Happy listening!

Name your price on Bandcamp :

Music Activists: Vol.1

Tracklisting :

1. Secret Of Elements - Floater
2. Bruce Brubaker - J’aime La Biauté (Arandel Remix)
3. Labelle - Jaojoby
4. Arabstazy - Arroubi de Deena Abdelwahed (Mettani Rework)
5. La Fraicheur - The Movements (Video Edit)
6. Rone - Wave (Video Edit)
7. Mischa Blanos - Tozz
8. Léonie Pernet - African Melancholia



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