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Léonie Pernet

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InFiné's new signature Léonie Pernet just released the music video 'African Melancholia'. It's the first extract from her debut album 'Crave' which will be released on InFiné / Cry Baby, September 21th 2018.

This music video was directed by Adrien Landre in the North of Paris, and played by Mohammed Mostafa, a young Sudanes refugee discovered by Good Chance Theatre.

"Three years ago, in Paris, the first migrant camp had grown in a few days under my windows. [...] This distress, this melancholy that I read on hundreds of faces and looks that I meet daily inhabit this project. [...] This clip shows the migratory exodus as a escape without arrival. [...] Quite honestly, all this goes beyond artistic expression, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to carry a message." Adrien Landre

"African Melancholia sings this other face that is mine, that I hated for many years and that I cherish today. African Melancholia sings a community of destinies, to which I wanted to pay homage with this title." Léonie Pernet

Watch it now on YouTube:


Directed by Adrien Landre, in the North of Paris
Executive producer Idrissa Hanrot
Produced by Premiere Heure & InFiné

About the actor: 

"Mohammed Mostafa is 23 years old. In 2015, he was forced to leave Darfur, Sudan for danger of death. The relentless massacres would have defeated him but he fled to Libya where he lived in the middle of the hell of a civil war for almost two years. He managed to take to the sea, on a makeshift tire, which began to die once he was at sea. Rescued, it was on the Italian coasts that he landed in Europe. Hostile, Italy has no use for him and his people. Since July 2017, he has sought asylum from the French State. To this day, the answer is clear: he is not welcome here. As our film comes to an end, he is about to be deported. Today, we are all fighting to ensure that his right to remain in France and more broadly to live in peace, freely and with dignity. This young man's sensitivity and talents as an artist and performer is beyond doubt. Good Chance had already spotted him. We will do everything to ensure that the absolute necessity of his presence among us prevails. This young man has the same right to a perspective on his future, as any human being."

Stream 'African Melancholia' & Pre-order 'Crave'.

You can also pre-order 'Crave' in CD or vinyl on our Bandcamp:

Crave by Léonie Pernet



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