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La Fraicheur

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French by way of Berlin, DJ/producer La Fraicheur, after a few handful of EPs, finally gave birth to her debut 9-track album, Self Fulfilling Prophecy, her first release on InFiné.

This remarkably dense, dancefloor-oriented album oscillates between techno, ambient and electronic music, a mesmeric yet pounding effort that gets the body and the mind moving. The Movements, the most vindictive and propulsive track is a truly ecstatic missile that is sure to create aftershocks on dancefloors for months to come.

"I want to use moments of dancing to stimulate a bit of political awakening," she says, and, speaking of her album in particular (in which are scattered various samples of politically explicit content, as on the track The Movements which plays with an interview of Angela Davis by Amy Goodman for Democracy Now, developping the idea of intersectionality, which, according to La Fraicheur, is the most relevant, powerful and contemporary way of addressing and fighting against the various discriminatory and oppressive policies. 

While Self Fulfilling Prophecy clearly aspires to raise awareness, it does so subtly, without ever relegating music to the back of the room. This is neither "ready-to-think" or "ready-to-dance", but an assembly of sophisticated rhythms, sounds and words, left to each listener to interpret in their own way. La Fraicheur does not seek to deliver a message, or impose a discourse, but to distill an idea and suggest a relationship to the world – a position to the world based on the affirmation of self and acceptance of others in all their differences.

Note from the director, Lucas Langlais, about The Movements "The music video offers a double dynamic vision of the lyrics: a typographical and rhythmic reading of these, put in dialogue and in perspective with images of police violence distanced by the presence of characters / shadows in foreground".

You can listen La Fraicheur's debut album, order Vinyl / CD on our Bandcamp, and receive an exclusive poster:



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