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The song 'Souviens-toi' by Labelle, was translated into images by fellow Reunionese artists: Kid Kréol & Boogie. We can see a giant, representing a walking mountain, slowly evolving into a cosmic environment. Through the island, the mountains, the cosmos, the inner universe, the videoclip tackles several themes: creation, mutation, elevation and seeking the self.

'Souviens-Toi' is taken from the eponymous EP and before that, was on the album 'univers-ile' released last september.

Kid Kréol & Boogie are a creative duo from Réunion Island. They met at the art school, where they graduated with their Diplôme National Supérieur d'Expression Plastique. They use traditional codes and symbols to transmit a deep commitment that is distilled through the works: the re-appropriation of a territory, a culture, its ecosystem and a cultural heritage that is fading.

Coming from an oral traditional environment, the artists' seek to propose images that naturally imposed an order and work to transcribe these sensations and this imaginary world. The crossing of these two visions then clear the way for the appearance a third one which, in and of itself, allows them to think beyond the world, beyond the island. Besides the local impregnation of their in-situ production. It is a creation archetype, a cosmogony mixing mystic and poetic, going from Man to the Universe.

Kid Kréol & Boogie exhibit in Paris from April 7 to 15 at the Bomma Galerie.



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