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Secret of Elements

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Johann Pätzold’s (aka Secret of Elements’) debut releases with InFiné started with a bang. Tracks from his first mini-album  "Monumentum" were chosen to further dress-up Christian Dior's already classy fashion show. Now coming with his very promising second opus, entitled "Odesea.”

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With his previous music, the young composer from northern Germany put forth his inspirations from his experiences as an activist in the Mediterranean during the refugee crisis. "Odesea" has served to refocus his musical universe on his own sonic language. Of course, the sea and the vagabond melodies which characterized "Monumentum" continue to fuel the swaying of the pieces of "Odesea," but this time instead of looking outside, Secret of Elements draws from childhood memories, where the organ plays a central role.

Pätzold grew up in the small town of Gnoien in Mecklenburg, Germany, until about the age of 7. The church of the town houses a 1859 Lütkemüller organ, which is still in its original state today. To compose the pieces of his new mini-album, the artist was granted access to this instrument of his childhood. Before starting to work on his recordings, he spent two days alone with the instrument. He felt like a mechanic working his machine. Oppressed by pistons and springs, sweating under suffocating fumes, stunned by the noisy gears, as if it was necessary to exorcise the organ’s singular power.

Secret of Elements’ music is a subtle reflection of sensitive melancholic fantasies and fragile moments of hope which provoke shivers, under the influence of the organ, and never break. With the five tracks of "Odesea," Pätzold achieves in offering a focused, magical and powerful atmosphere, which is imbibed with the vital energy of its author.    

The mini-album will be released on April 13th on InFiné.

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