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From Bye Bye Macadam's dark, psychedelic animation to the stop motion of Parade, not to mention Let’s Go's slapstick sci-fi and the virtual reality (LSD) trip through Tokyo of Acid Reflux, one can safely claim that few (maybe besides Daft Punk) French electronic music producers make music videos with as much creativity and dedication as Rone. Erwan Castex's career is indeed dotted with music videos covering a rather generous spectrum, with each album release heralding a new cycle of visual accompaniments.

After the release of the magical Mirapolis, Rone unleashes the video for album closer Down for the Cause, a collaboration with Kazu Makino, a song that fuses the InFiné producer's jaunty ritornello with the Blond Redhead singer's fragile vocals.

The video, which was directed by Marco Dos Santos, whose past credits include visuals for the likes of Yuksek, Yan Wagner, Jennifer Cardini, Red Axes and Superpitcher, features César-winner Zita Hanrot in the role of a basketball player... who happens to have a third arm.

Rone - Down For The Cause feat Kazu Makino - official video

Says Marco Dos Santos about the video: "a limerick for tomorrow's lepers, a fable of a conditional future, a young woman with something extra facing down those who are missing something. From the heat and anxiety of the playing field to a refreshing dip in the swimming pool – with a vigorous bike ride in between – we witness encounters that are a perfect fit for a fulfilling, yet off-kilter life."



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