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InFiné released its first record on November 13, 2006: a visionary piece in which a young Luxembourger, by the name of Francesco Tristano, took a legendary Detroit techno anthem (composed by Derrick May) and reinterpreted it for piano.  Forty albums, hundreds of singles, and a decade later, the label is proud of its heritage and longevity; having stayed the course, true to its values through a time where the fundamentals of the music industry have completely changed. 

2017 has been a special year for InFiné, marking its 10th anniversary. After celebrating in the company their artists and loyal Parisian public, with a special birthday party at La Gaité Lyrique and a curated evening at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, the French label is spreading their story further with an exclusive film documenting its history. 

Directed in 2016 by Louis Muller and Pierre Adamczyk, the film portrays 10 years of talent scouting and championing the musical avant-garde; from the first time InFiné’s founders heard Francesco Tristano’s version of “Strings Of Life,” to imagining the Explorer compilation series- and of course, how they discovered and signed a young unknown French producer called Rone. 

To accurately narrate the story of this (not exclusively) electronic French label, the two directors interviewed its co-founders, artists, and contributors: Alexandre Cazac, Yannick Matray, Rone, Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano, Murcof, Gordon, Gérald Olivon, Antoine Dabrowski, and Bruce Brubaker. 

Special thanks to all the contributors and artists : Almeeva, Arandel, Bachar Mar Khalifé, Bernard Szajner, Bruce Brubaker, Carl Craig, Clara Moto, Cubenx, Danton Eeprom, Deena Abdelwahed, Fraction, Francesco Tristano, Labelle, Gordon, Murcof, Vanessa Wagner, Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus, Rone, Secret of Elements, The Wanderer, Louis Muller, Pierre Adamczyk, Edouard Guillon, Benoit Allard, Jade Gautier, Léo Ferté, Sinny & Ooko, La Recyclerie, La Gaité Lyrique, Les Initiés & La Blogothèque.


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