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Clara Moto

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Three years ago, Clara Moto´s debut album “Polyamour” was released on InFiné to critical acclaim.
The Austrian Dj-producer, who has since spread her roots and settled in Berlin is about to open a new chapter of her discography with "Joy Departed" out 26 of August. These 5 new tracks are halfway between emotional house and intimate downtempo and stand as the perfect companion for the late summer 2013.

The eponymous track sneaks between cinematic ambient and restrained post-dubstep, guiding the listener through a surreal dialogue of deep basses and crystalline waves. Clara rarely sings on her tracks but when she does, she excels. “Disposable Darling” is equally heady and melancholic, simply a piece of pure enjoyment.

Timeless gems always give timeless cover versions. In “Wicked Games” (originally by Chris Isaak), Clara orchestrates an unexpected parade between Lee Burton (previously heard on the latest single of Danton Eeprom) and her long-time vocal partner Mimu.


“For the Love we Lost” is a deliciously hypnotic ballad. Clara is never as moving as when she deals with love and pain. Tailored for Dancefloor, “Shade” bring us between the Pantheon of dreams and the baleares of Techno delights.

New album “Blue Distance” coming out winter 2013.



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