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On Unset, Almeeva hybridizes pop song, techno banger and ambient ballad. Not so surprisingly, the producer winks at the Eurodance of the early nineties. 

Listening to Eurodance hits is a guilty pleasure for many of us. Teenagers back then you may have been introduced to electronic music for the first time through mainstream radios airing massively Technotronic, Snap!, Ace of Base, Culture Beat or Haddaway. The same tracks resurface regularly in alumni meetings and at old friends parties often at peak time generating with the same efficiency, smiles and nostalgic feelings. 

Produced in Holland, Germany, Sweden, France or  in Italy, the dance music of the time was proudly European but also truly transgenre. It blended the fluency of pop structures, the futurism of synth riffs, the global languages of rap, R&B vocals, the groove of the house music, reggae and hip-hop…What is Love, released by Haddaway in 1993 on his much awaited debut album cleverly entitled The Album makes no exception. Produced by Dee Dee Haligan and Junior Torella, the caribic sounding monikers of Dieter Lünstedt and Karin Hartmann-Eisenblätter, the song became number 1 in the charts of 13 countries in the world. But most of all, it delivered a flawless message of love and trascendance.

Listen to 'What is Love', a modern and smart cover version of Haddaway Eurodance classic anthem 



Unset is available in all good digital Plateforms

21.04 La Marbrerie - Paris 
28.04 Pop Up - Paris
26.04 Bi Nuu - Berlin - Germany
02.06 Point Ephemere - Paris

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