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You might have noticed the latest TV spot of Apple. The Apple team shot with I-phones all over the world various short films demonstrating  in many fields, where the usage of Mac devices has transformed and will transform everyday’s life. The Dromos project is showcased placing the live performance created by Fraction and Maotik as one of the most cutting-edge and immersive project of the times.

Dromos is the first immersive experience published by InFiné.



"In the field of science and technology that built the Western world there are only machines which accelerates. Whoever invent a machine to slow down would be considered as an absurd man "- Paul Virilio, 1991

The artist duo Fraction & Maotik will perform a very singular live performance in 20.6 surround and 360° visual, esspecially developed for the Stratosphere of Mutek Festival.

DROMOS is based on the conceptual works of French Philosopher Paul Virilio, which started two years ago. Recognizing the vital role that the speed in the organization of our societies, the French philosopher and architect Paul Virilio has developed several years ago the general concept of dromology (the science of speed in human society). He laid the foundations for a new paradigm of thinking about the role of new technologies, of our interactions with them, and of the question of our future. DROMOS is a  technical and metaphorical allegory of a sound and a visual world in which speed is the main factor in the interaction between the media. They immerse us in a sensory landscape in permanent construction and deconstruction, causing accidents aesthetic, and poetic movement of changing times.

Praises on DROMOS



“Get Lost In An Immersive Symphony Celebrating The Science Of Speed” The Creator Project


"Impressive in both the choice of medium and the message, we look forward to sitting back and enjoying the show – or becoming a part of it." URB


"One of the main attractions at this year's MUTEK festival. DROMOS is an immersive, sensory-heavy experience that engages right up until its intense stroboscopic climax" Exclaim


"A very impressive audio visual performance" Aircoholic


"Genuinely confused by its unfolding series of optical illusions" The Fader


"Truly an incredible show that made blew my eyes and my my mind. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was 5D. Fifth dimensional" Acquiescetomusic


"Award of the good surprise" (in French) Mouvement


"A new experience that challenges usual performances perspective" (in french) Les Méconnus


"The performance entices and challenges at the same time, taking us into a world of its own while never letting us forget the state of our own." Blouinartinfo



More on Paul virilio ( in French , in English

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Fraction ( Tumblr / Twitter / Facebook / Bandcamp ) 

Maotik (Mathieu Le Sourd) (Web / Twitter )

Fraction and Maotik are bringing Dromos to the next stage with “OBE”, which is presented till 14th February 2014 at the Stratosphere in Montreal.  

OBE sound on Soundcloud


More on OBE

Facebook Event

To be continued...



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