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“Bye Bye Macadam” = bye bye highways = bye bye concrete = Bye Bye western City’s skyscrapers ! 

Is this track of RONE´s sophomore album referring to his exodus from Paris to Berlin ? Does Rone hint at the approaching end of world ? It's over and that the fat lady has sung. That´s definitely, what would suggest the brilliant but apocalyptic video of DIMITRI STANKOWICZ set free before christmas on the international blogosphere. 



Rone - Bye Bye Macadam (Official Video) from The Creators Project on Vimeo.



But on vynil, Its hypnotic loop remixed Techno Godfather, Juan Atkins, Aquarian and PLANkT takes right in the dancefloors. 

Well, one thing is certain, the hypnotic loop of the track remixed by JUAN ATKINS, AQUARIAN and PLANkT takes us far away from city-dwellers daily issues. And they are available on 12” and mp3 now !




They already like/play it: Marcel Dettmann, Optimo, Ame, Joris Voorn, Stacey Pullen, Max Cooper, Ripperton...

12” Inch available at BLEEP - PHONICA - CLONEl



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