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Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus

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Gaspar Claus, a sinuous cross-country cellist who welcomes surprises, allows his unkempt technique to serve countless collaborations (with Jim O'Rourke, Sufjan Stevens, Rone or Angélique Ionatos). From improvised music (alongside Keiji Haino or Serge Teyssot-Gay) to contemporary music (with Bryce Dessner), all the way through flamenco (Pedro Soler and Ines Bacan) and pop (Barbara Carlotti, Peter Von Poehl), he represents those unhindered musicians for whom music is above all the manifestation of one's presence to the world, the celebration of a certain conception of friendship, togetherness, and the violence of pleasure. 

He provided a thirteen tracks playlist, marked by these countless collaborations and inspirations - a perfect combination of the music styles already mentioned. Furthermore, you can listen to two pieces from his own label Les Disques du Festival Permanent - head to Bandcamp for more.



Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus are touring right now, don't miss the son & father project:

08.11.2016 - L’Hexagone Scène Nationale, Meylan (France)

09.11.2016 - Temple Lanterne, Lyon (France)

16.11.2016 - La Marbrerie, Montreuil (France)

08.12.2016 - Bazr Festival, Sète (France)


Al Viento available on our Bandcamp

Photography by Cyrille Choupas



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