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As teenagers, Damien – on drums – and Matthieu – on guitar – were already using pop and punk compositions to release their angst, summoning an American vocalist from time to time to sound more legitimate.  Album track “Clunker”, which features Fab from Frustration (a band signed to Parisian imprint Born Bad), is an unmistakable salute to the alt-rock scene of the 90s in general and to Fugazi in particular. If “Clunker” may sound a bit odd with regards to the general post-trance atmosphere of their debut album “The Call”, the track is one they love the most.


CLUNKER from Benjamin Malherbe on Vimeo.


On screen,  “Clunker” is a video directed by Benjamen Malherbe, half way between Tarantino´s Death Proof and Disney´s the Litlle Mermaid (watch it on the Noisey Youtube channel). As single available from 21st january 2013, the raw, flammable and mutant material of the original has been reworked for the dark side of the dancefloors by ALEJANDRO PAZ (Comeme, Huntleys and Palmers - Chilie), AVATISM (Vakant, Souvenir, Dumb Unit – Italy), SUBARYS (France) & InFiné freshly signed duo,THE SAME (Poland).   

Full EP to be listened HERE !

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