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Hama to Aleppo, Ramalah in Cairo, the Arab people bled, keep on bleeding and will bleed again. The Western Media are often pointing out ideals and religions to explain the Arab revolutions. The musician, Bachar Mar-Khalife and filmmaker, Wael Nouréddine are both sharing the French and Lebanese cultures and teamed up on “Marea Negra” to screen an alternative reading of the events in Middle East. 

The song is based on an anarchist protest song in Arabic and inspired by the oppressive pianos notes of “Marée Noire” (a track released on the first album of Bachar Mar-Khalifé). The words were originally written by the Syrian Poet, Syrian Ibrahim Qashoush, who died in 2011. This text has been widely used to lead demonstrations during all the latest Arab uprisings. Bachar slightly changed it to turn it into a universal message.  

Bachar Mar-Khalife "Marea Negra" (directed by Wael Noureddine) on Vimeo.

Lyrics : 

Mr President, you lie, fuck your speech, freedom is knocking at the door, get lost! 

Mr General, don't show off, you're facing imminent sentencing, go to hell with your army, get lost traitor!

Petty tyrant, agent of capitalism, don't look down on the good people, get lost traitor!

Hey Mr minister, you're going round in circles, you'll pay with your blood, go to hell with your big-shot party, get lost traitor!

Prince, you can go to hell with those who salute you, no, I won't kiss you anywhere, get lost traitor!

You can go to hell with those who salute you, my eyes will ignore you, get lost traitor!

Insignificant little Prince, agent of capitalism, don't look down on the good people, get lost traitor!

Oh King, you can go to hell with those who salute you, I won't kiss you anywhere, get lost traitor!

On the screen, the spectators can see some pictures, which are far from the received ideas of the Arab world : a naked girl seems to be making a bomb and small plastic soldiers fight in a merciless battle without apparent justification. "We forget that conflicts are sometimes motivated by basic needs such as hunger or neighbourhood protection, rather than ideals."  Explains Bachar. "Beyond religions, and national identities, there is also an Arab world that loves the flesh, the anarchy and the forbidden pleasures in general."  Sectarian conflicts against resurgence of nationalism, desire for freedom against military oppression, the Western societies sometimes tend to transpose their own issues into the reality of the Middle East.

About Wael Noureddine : Born in Lebanon in 1978, Wael Noureddine is a writer, poet and filmmaker. He began his professional career in the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar. His films capture the physical and mental scars of conflicts with a literary and critic tone. He has directed between 2002 and today a handful of documentaries and short films, often experimental, dealing with topics such as Lebanon, Islam and drugs.  

About Ibrahim Qashoush : Ibrahim Qashoush (born 3 Septembre 1977 - died 4 July 2011) was a fireman and amateur poet from Hama, Syria. During the 2011 Syrian uprising, Qashoush was noted for singing and authoring songs mocking Syrian president Bachar al-Assad and the ruling Ba'ath party. The protest anthem, "Come on, Bachar, time to leave", is attributed to him. On 4 July 2011, Qashoush was found dead in the Orontes River, his throat cut and his vocal cords ripped out. After his murder, fellow protesters hailed Qashoush as the "nightingale of the revolution".



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