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Downliners Sekt

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InFiné is happy to add Downliners Sekt in his artist roster. This is the story of a remix done for Cubenx earlier this year, which paved the ground to a record deal, based on mutual respect and a common view on today´s music industry challenges. 

Trim/Tab is the latest broadcast from the subsonic soul cave of Downliners Sekt. The duo continue to impress with their their hefty sonic surgery, taken this time toward two exclusive new tracks, built while working on their new album for InFiné Music (to be released on early 2013). Built from the same beat, the variation and density of the tracks showcases Downliners' notorious ability to craft the ghosts of r'n'b, pirate radio and musique concrete into a dynamic new beast.



A/1 - Trim / Tab (part one)

B/2 - Trim / Tab (part two)

The A-side takes a muted hardcore rhythm on a rumbling ride of heavy drone bursts, neon synthesis and bittersweet post ecstasy euphoria. The flip, switches the same beat completely - jilted garage shuffle that eats itself while still driving forward, punctuated by dusty soul and gospel samples which seem to sing their sub bass blues from some far off short wave radio. 

Trim / Tab will be released as 12'' vinyl September 17th. A story to be continued. 

Get the mp3 version on our catalogue page ! 12” available in, Deejay Shop, Juno, iTunes



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