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Since the release of “Roller Coaster”, their first EP for InFiné, it has taken the Spitzer brothers almost two years to produce their debut album. And not just any old two years; these have seen unrelenting winds of change blow like never before. North Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Russia, France, China: everywhere, there have been calls for Humankind to take its History back into its own hands. The idea of “The Call” perfectly captures the spirit of our movement-revering age; fittingly, this is also the title of the Spitzer brothers’ first album.

"The CALL" is equally raw and magnificient, dark and shining, the beauty and the beast, Angels and demons, Dr Jeckylll and mr Hyde, Steve Albini and Extrawelt, the wolve and the Sheep Barn....

No surprise if this video directed by Louise Hémon perfectly fit with the soundscape of the debut single "Sergen".

including vocal collaborations from Kid A (Agoria, Daedelus) and Fab of Frustration (Born Bad).

The album is available in every good retail and mp3 store from today.

Praises on THE CALL :

"On peut produire des dancefloor killers sans avoir grandi avec la techno allemande ou la house de Chicago. Démonstration avec les frères Spitzer, deux rockeurs convertis aux beats." - Trax

"Dark et électrique, mêlant distorsions de guitares et lignes de synthés qui frottent, les beats sont eux bien empreints d'une indéniable pureté technoïdes." - Tsugi

"The Call is predominantly a dance record but features enough surprises and sabotage to imply the brothers are punks at heart." Drowned In Sound

"The inventive composition of each track, topped with a fat overall production make this a debut album to be very, very proud of." Beats And Beyond

“The Call” prove to be as effective in presenting epic acid-techno and shuffle material that's heavily atmospheric yet exudes a melancholy edge." Textura

"Sehr Intensiv und spannend!" Faze

spitzer live NOW!

07/09 at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin

21/09 Release party at Le Transbordeur, Lyon

19/10 InFiné Party at La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris



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