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When it comes to musical influences, most electronic producers mention Detroit´s Techno or Chicago´s  House heydays, the German electro-pop of Kraftwerk or French GRMC “Musique concrète”. The two brothers, who compose Spitzer, will cite all together without a shadow of doubt, the post-hardcore American band Fugazi. And indeed, their productions are permeated with an incredible dark energy equally disconcerting and fascinating.  

The Club Culture? The EP Culture? They respect it but do not comply with its codes. Their first EP, “Roller Coaster” released two years ago did not pass unnoticed. They have waited to finish their debut album before releasing a new EP. It´s called Sergen, includes three new tracks (on exclusive version and two others tracks not included the album) will be in store from July 2nd. 


Teaser :

Spitzer - Segen EP (teaser) from InFine Music on Vimeo.

"The Call", Spitzer's debut LP will be released 3rd September 2012

Already in the flightcases of Max Cooper, Optimo, Ewan Pearson, Laurent Garnier, Stephan Bodzin, Ivan Smaghe, Jennifer Cardini...

12" vinyl available on Phonica, Juno, Decks, Dj, Undergound Gallery

MP3 available on I-Tunes, Beatport



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