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We are releasing this week the remixes Polar Bear ... last EP taken from Composer debut LP "The Edge of the World".   

This is the story of a guy dressed up as a polar bear trying to escape from a boring costume party composed by Composer. This is the video of a cosmic appealing underground party in an abandoned factory revived by cosmic lights and directed by Berlin collective Studio Fünf. This is the last single taken from “The Edges of the World” including remixes by three beat-wisers of the French experimental scene. 

Mysterious musical entity Arandel has developed since the release of his debut LP, “In D” quite a reputation of remixer for himself. It already enlightened the productions of electro-rock Band, Tahiti 80, Agoria and no less than Classic Austrian superstar Mozart. Deliciously minimal and highly emotional, its remix sends forward “Polar Bear” into new iced territories.

Preview it  >> HERE

Experimental producer of the South of France, Poborsk swaps Eluerd´s voice for a vocoded voices and Eric synth explosions for depth charge bass drops and steel plated beats. Equally dizzying and delightful! 

Preview it  >> HERE 

Released in 2009 on Marketing Music, the first EP of Idioma ended up in the tracklisting of Roman Flügel and Hernan Cattaneo`s official mixed compilation respectively for Robert Johnson and Renaissance. No surprise if their interpretations of “Polar Bear” melts with the same excellence dancefloors energy and colourful soundscapes.

Preview it >> HERE

A vynil version including Breton & Monokle remixes will be out from May, 7th 2012.  



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