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With twenty year of music activism, two bands of the likes of NLF3 and Prohibition, which made a deep impression and a label of the like of Prohibited records, which discovered international talents (Herman Düne, The Berg sans Nipple), Don Niño is a character of the French Indie-Pop scene, which can´t be ignored.



Steeped in memories of his native lands and their mysterious languages (including the former Soviet Union, Germany and Washington), his love of music – from Indian ragas to the indie rock of Sebadoh and Fugazi (whose charismatic leader, Guy Picciotto, embodied the caring older brother) - Don Niño presents us on his fourth solo album with eleven protean pictures of this fervent Limbo. And so this knowledgeable, self-taught musician portrays his vision of the world, doing away with boundaries... whether tangible or intangible. 


"In The Backyard of Your Mind" was co-written by friend, musician and novelist Luke Sutherland (Long Fin Killie, Mogwai, Bows) features NLF3 partners in Crime (F.Lor and Mich Pires) as well as Lori Chun (The Berg sans Nipple, Herman Düne). To be filed close to Grizzly Bear, Smog, Vincent Gallo or Connan Mockasin.To be filed close to Grizzly Bear, Smog, Vincent Gallo or Connan Mockasin. 



The album will be released on CD & LP in France early April in the rest of Europe early May.  



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