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We are celebrating the 10th instalment of our podcast series with a pure InFiné artist, Fraction. Is there a need to remind you his excellent “Superposition” EP in 2008?  Since then, Eric Raynaud produced the album of Composer, performed a couple of times shoegazing lives with Cubenx, as well as developed various sound installations.   


While Eric is still working on some new materials, he found the time to carefully craft a delicious mix of I.D.M., post-dubstep and modern techno tracks. Abstract and emotional, we could not have dreamed of any better soundtrack for this winter.    


Enjoy !









2 Art ensemble of chicago-the bell piece 

3 Sun Ra-Invocation to Mr Parker 

4 Xhin_This Is What You Drew While You Were Half Asleep 

5 Various-Exhibits-A Development (with a grid of streets and shopping centre _heart) (Audiobulb Records (Various Artists)) 

6 Lukid-Onandon-Piano Nono 

7 Mark Fell- Multistability 7-B 

8 Teebs-Wind Loop 

9 Monokle-Coast 

10 Aufang-Channel7 (Sutekh remix) 

11 Com Truise-Hyperlips 

12 1000names-Sushi Hour 

13 Mount Kimbie-Carbonated 

14 Sun Ra - We have come back 

15 Sepalcure-Eternally Yrs 

16 Pedestrian-Hei Poa 

17 Floating Points-Sais 

18 Burial-Untrue 

19 Perc-Wicker & Steel Remixed-You Saw Me (Cherry Ripe mix by TVO) 

20 Dub War-The Funky Deal To The Depths-To The Depths 

21 Factory Floor-Two Different Ways 

22 Torb-Rubidrama 

23 Max Cooper-Epoch 

24 Oliver Huntemann-Magnet 

25 Inaquin Marin-Mientras Dormias 

26 Robert Hood-Minus



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