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Back in Mexico after his European tour in December, Cubenx just send us a postcard from Guadalajara.  His new EP, “These Days” including remixes by rising UK House star, T.Williams and Experimental sorcerers, Downliners Sekt is out this week.

“This winter was one of the most intense ever for me. For a start, we decided to go on tour with Fredo Nogueira, with not much rehearsals, only meeting in Paris for a few days and then playing live in Barcelona supporting Apparat, this one was a tough but nice concert, if only the engineer wouldn't have been on the phone thru the whole show. One funny thing was also when in Toulouse, the smoke machine would not stop during the last track, the final moment of the concert, so sacred and it ended up looking like the cocoon scene from Spinal Tap. Funny thing we ended up watching that film for like 3 nights in a row in Sascha's apartment in Berlin, just to cheer things up

Hanging out with Mr. Nogueira is really cool, the man has a taste for good food and wine, I am quite open for new tastes too so it was great walking down the streets of Paris and eating in great places. I think we ate around 150 snails in the whole stay. As yummy as that sounds. 

As we were travelling and hanging out with Fredo, we wrote some songs which we intend to put in the next Cubenx record, we love those songs and actually we played one of them in the concerts, one that was written partially in Mexico and the hotel room in Barcelona. You can check “Endian” on

So back in Mexico... at the moment we are rehearsing with friends here, preparing for some possible concerts in this spring and adding new ideas to our show, we'd like to sing and dance, so we have lots of work to do and make a great show for you. In a few days we will have a new single released, "These Days", with remixes by T. Williams and Downliners Sekt and we are working on the next one, we have a really nice surprise for you.”

Cubenx "These days" from InFine Music on Vimeo.


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