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Francesco Tristano

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This autumn, Francesco Tristano released for InFiné his third solo album recorded in the studio of Planet E in Detroit. Idiosynkrasia: an aesthetic manifesto livened up by the search for an idiosyncratic language between acoustics and electronics, a musical odyssey permeated by the peculiarity of the town, which originated the Rhythm and Blues as well as the Techno genres. This week, we are releasing on digital / EP "Idiosynkrasia remixes".

The eponym track of the album could not deserve any better musical researchers than Ben Klock, Ark, Tom Taylor & Paul Woolford and Fumiya Tanaka to endorse his first prolog and the 30th vinyl of InFiné´s catalog. Berghain resident and A-list deejay-producer of the Ostgut roster, Ben Klock pays a distinguished tribute to the post-industrial inheritance of Motor City. Equally minimalist and deep, synthetic and hypnotic, his remix pushes aside the crystal-clear piano keys and brings together all the elements, which contemporary Techno has to offer. Irresistible groove and classic Chicago-style funky bass, those are the two main ingredients blended by the Enfant Terrible of the French electronic scene for the second remix. Ark orchestrates a nutty mass of old school Atari-like bleeps and twisted treble clefs. Shake you booty Baby! Fumiya Tanaka is a prophet in his own country. He treats with minimal refinement the flipside of the ep. Francesco`s arpeggio melt in the tense and repetitive mechanics of the rhythms and just fade in the time of a cosmic wave. A rising sun on Idiosynkrasia! Added on the digital package, Tom Taylor & Paul Woolford trigger vintage house effects and machine-gun right in the middle of UK most restless dance-floor crowds. One more for the road!

Buy Idiosynkrasia remixes on Phonica, pre order the digital version on iTunes

Also available "Idiosynkrasia" LP version. Buy it on Phonica too

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