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InFiné is a small team and we sometime have to run into unforeseeable delays, but those of you who have been scanning the cool blogs and radioshows lately might have already heard some essential pieces of jozif’s Sunrise Ep for InFiné. From Ben Watt to Optimo passing by Tiefschwarz, Gregor Tresher or Ellen Alien, all the electronic community would agree, jozif is a one-to-watch for 2011! This is the sound of now !!!

His Sunrise ep has been released on vinyl this week exclusively on Phonica and is due for January 17th on mp3.

Stream it on soundcloud

The EP opens itself with the eponym title, “Sunrise”. Think about a quiet awakening after a drunken night out. A deep kick and some trippy strings pads enlighten a smooth piano and directly drive the listener to a peaceful after party mood. The perfect soundtrack for a heavenly beach!

Then comes “Suddenly Somethin”, some 80´s snares, a funky guitar and a melody, which runs through your veins and remains in the head. A funky revelation indeed!

“Natural Nature” submerges its listener with a scary but enjoyable darkness, where glitches and white noises blend with weird organic sounds, wild roars, disturbing birdcalls, vegetal waterfalls… Some electrifying bass blasts come up to swell the sound. A celestial bass line slowly introduced an oriental female voice. The journey goes on.

“Cathy’s Diamonds” amazingly concludes the EP with some highly groovy sensations. Elegant and vintage, jozif´s bells, shakers and sunny bass lines push the Disco to a very exciting new era. A jewel to warm your dancefloors up this winter!

Buy the Ep on Phonica

Buy it digitally on the InFine webstore or What People Play



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