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Francesco Tristano

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A new chapter of Francesco Tristano`s Idiosycratic dialogue between the acoustic and electronic world will be released in February 2011 on EP. A fistful of electronic experts has been invited to add their own musical language to the piano parts of the eponym track of the album:  from Berlin, Germany, Ostgut resident BEN KLOCK, from Kyoto, Japan, Techno Grand Master FUMIYA TANAKA, from Paris, France, electro joker ARK, and from UK, House beatprovider duo, TOM TAYLOR and PAUL WOOLFORD!

Your turntable is already shivering!

Praises on „Idiosynkrasia“ :

Carl Craig_Usa

People with formal classical training tend to have very restricted ideas about what music is, and can be very limited by that. I know people in the DSO [Detroit Symphony Orchestra] and their concept of perfection is basically to learn a written piece of work exactly. Francesco is a new kid with a completely modern approach. He has different influences. Most importantly, he has a desire to improvise, which is unusual for someone who was formally trained. It´s important that he has a great, wide-ranging knowledge of music he knows classical music, but he´s also heavily into electronic stuff, and the history of electronic music. He´s like me, I love everything as well, everything that´s great.

Derrick May_Usa

Francesco is the kind of artist that makes you  the think of composers from another era such as Herald Budd,Brian Eno,Ryuich Sakamoto & Juan Atkins I realize this is  a very interesting mix of artist I just mentioned but the music of Francesco is far from predictable and miles from his contemporaries,that's if he has any to begin with.. I myself love this production which I personally think is a breath of fresh air...bravo to you Francesco you remind me of why it's important to dream the dream's of dreamers! Your music is breath of fresh air.

Kenny Larkin_Usa

Carl Craig and Francesco. Enough said.


what can I say that you don't already know... I love it...10/10

Ashley Beedle_Strut_Uk

An absolutely beautiful piece of music that is head and shoulders above a lot of what is labelled so called dance music out there. Deep and cerebral and something i will be playing for a long time.



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