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Those of you who attended the latest shows of AUFGANG this summer (Sonar of Barcelona, Pop C/O of Cologne or Roque d' Anthéron in France) might have flickered on “Dulceria”. This track was not included on their debut album but freshly released in July on their “Air on Fire ep”.  
Literally “candy store” in Spanish, “Dulceria” packs the two Grand Pianos, essential trademark of the band together with some elements of “electro-house”. Singular and classy, “Dulceria” reveals a new musical side of the band with a little wink to the best times of the French Touch. We hired Clark, Akiko Kiyama to re-work this intriguing material and added a remix of “Team Ghost” of “Good Generation” for our 26th EP release. 
Leading figure of the English experimental scene, made in Warp, Christopher CLARK carries “Dulceria” away and melts it with the gothic and futuristic universe, which made the success of his latest LPs. Catchy Bleeps, dreamy waves and tortured vocoders are all what it take to Clark to convert “Dulceria” into a mystic ceremony of sonic explosions. 
Originally from Tokyo but relocated to Berlin, AKIKO KIYAMA has previously released a fistful of remarkable Eps for Jay Haze`s Contexterrior. Akiko collected within 6 minutes some eastern and minimal flavours, while keeping the best piano parts. Her remix should shine without a doubt on the dance-floors of the German capital. 
The other side of M83, now associated to Christophe Guerin within TEAM GHOST has made a significant appearance with a dreamy Ep for Sonic Cathedral. Hands up in the air and eyes-closed, the duo transports “Good Generation” to ethereal and pastoral soundscapes. 

We proudly announce the winners of the remix contest: ROY

It's a french duo from Lyon (as luck would...) composed of Florian Roux and Leo Paillard, two young guys who quotes as influences Aphex Twin, Lou Reed, Debussy or Madonna. They deliver a punchy remix in a techno/trance mood as you can listen here:

At the second place: DAVID FRELON a parisian guy inspired by Warp or BPitch who made a fine and progressive remix.

The third is GORDON SHUMWAY with a more electronica/future bass remix.

Special distinction for YONE B, listen it here

Dulceria EP will be release on vinyl the 4th of october and on digital the 18th of october.

Aufgang are playing tomorrow at EMB Sannois near Paris on the occasion of the Factory Festival, for a very special date which announce the end of a week of an unique audiovisual creation with the Munchies a VJ band. Tonight, at the same place, Jean-Yves Leloup (a famous french journalist in electronic music) will conduct a meeting between you and the band.

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