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Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus

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This short film is a musical and mystical quest among the desolate landscapes of Iceland between volcanic rocks, ice caves sculpted by the wind and a scolding ocean. Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus find refuge in an Icelandic chapel, take a breather to get back to their struggle with their dreamy Petenera whose damned soul is wandering in those empty and devastated landscapes.

The directors Colin Solal Cardo and Robin Lachenal are intrigued by this story and they decided to follow Pedro and Gaspar looking for traces of the Petenera.

« Cien Enamorados Por Petenera »  is the second video taken from Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus's trip to Iceland, after a first Take Away Show video shot by “La Blogothèque” with the singer Kristin Anna Valtysdottir.


Their new album Al Viento was sketched out in Icelandic territory, at the famous Greenhouse studio with Valgeir Sigurösson, the sound engineer and Icelandic composer, collaborator with musicians like Björk, CocoRosie, Ben Frost and Feist…

In 2011, cellist Gaspar Claus took his father to America, on of the primary cradle of modernity, it resulted in a contemplative flamenco record, luminous and moving, as serene as it is stormy.

Flamenco is less a codified vocabulary than a way to view the world and experience its passions through a nomadic lens. Here again, by travelling to Iceland, fire and ice territory, the travel is at the center of this new collaboration. This is what this album is telling where traditional tunes are reinvested throughout these furious compositions, sounding sharper than Barlande could let us imagine.


Words on Al Viento :

The Quietus / UK "The consolidation of styles is thankfully seamless, undertaken by great musical clinicians with a tenderness and attention to detail that allows these sounds to constantly segue and evolve into something new."

Liberation / FRANCE "Ici, on joue entre les lignes, sur les notes. Pas une note de trop."

Popmatters / USA "Al viento pushes flamenco forward with its adventurous spirit and virtuostic musicianship."

ZEIT / GER "Mit Aki Kaurismäki und Jim Jarmusch in acht Instrumentalstücken durch Katalonien. Eine Reise der Sensationen."

Nowa Muzyka / POL “Flamenco w wykonaniu Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus jest krwiste, mroczne, drapie?ne oraz momentami nabieraj?ce awangardowego blasku."

"Al Viento" available at :  

Bandcamp (InFiné) - Norman (UK) - Ground Zero (FR) - Bleep (Uk) - Amoeba (Usa) - HHV (Ger)



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