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Bernard Szajner

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French electronic  pioneer Bernard Szajner’s 1979 concept album based around Frank Herbert’s cult Dune Trilogy. Dystopian sci-fi drones and otherworldly melodies drift across the stereo spectrum, creating a multi-layered, deeply immersive listening experience. Original and remastered versions have been praised by Dan Snaith, Carl Craig, Optimo, Joakim, Dj Food, Martyn, Prins Thomas, Perc, Miles Whitaker to name just a few.  

Remastered from the original tapes by Rashad Becker in Berlin, and with a new sleeve reimagined by acclaimed Barcelona-based designer Arnau Pi (Young Turks, Hivern Discs, DJ Kicks). Includes two lost pieces from the original sessions and never before heard, left off because Pathé Marconi EMI considered them to be “too futuristic”!   

After years spent in relative obscurity and inspiring participation to InFiné´s Workshops in 2013, it is time for the best-kept secret of the French underground to leave its protective shadow and finally appear in the full light of day. 

Available worldwide 8th September 2014.

Minimix from Andy Votel, taking you on a journey through Z (Aka Bernard Szajner) "Visions of Dune"  


Andy Votel “As a long-time fixture at the far-end of my Euro-electronic shelf this Gallic-magnetic conceptual synth-pop classic has been in risky disc-jockey orbit waiting over 30 years for the right time to touch-down on planet earth to re-fuel. With the recent critical resurrection of Jodorowsky's un-made version of Herbert's sci-fi blast-masterpiece and more and more electronic music fans veering from dance-music into the sub-genres of PINA and Dark Ambient the eve of the original novels 50 year anniversary seems like the perfect time to unleash this lost slice of Zeuhl-skool modular-pop constructed by Grenoble born synthesist Bernard Szajner. His previous CV of creating lazer light shows for the likes of Gong and Magma earned him enough Kobian stripes to scale an authentic bridge between Zeuhl rock and early synth-pop amongst bands like Eskaton, Art Zoyd and Stabat Stable but the inclusion of Magma vocalist (and comic artist) Klaus Blasquiz and drummer Clément Bailly earns VOD the Wüdü wax seal. Few LPs manage to successfully connect so many important dots in French outer-rocks vast colouring book where Igor Whakhevitch meets Jean Michel Jarre via Massiera, Gilbert Deflez, Hydravion and Artefact... Zed however paints every page black (and silver) and is still one leaf ahead.” 

Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) "With the recent resurgence of modular synthesis and a growing interest in the real and corporeal it’s timely to listen to Dune again, an album that demonstrates that innovation doesn’t date. Snaking, oscillating, shimmering, drifting, dreamy, playful - it’s like the soundtrack to a science fiction dinner party with Neu, Autechre and Jean Michel Jarre fighting over cables."

Dan Snaith (Carbou, Daphni) "It's great to see this fantastic album see a proper reissue. Alongside the music of Heldon, Lard Free, Magma and Philippe Besombes it's a classic of forward-looking French music from the 1970s; so ahead of its time that it still sounds like the future today."

Prins Thomas "Amazing record! Been on the lookout for this for a long time...the last copy of the LP I saw was 60 euro so until now I only had a shitty mp3 rip"

Optimo "This is an all time favourite record of mine. we licensed one of the tracks for this a few years back.Very excited by the new masters"

Miles Whitaker “The Visions of Dune is great, my partner Sean played me it some time ago, though I never got around to getting one, it's a very influential record to some people. I'm happy to see a repress coming out, it's a unique record for sure and needs further attention.” 

DJ Food (Strictly Kev) “This is amazing! I love it, this has got everything I love about it, the synths, the sci-fi angle, the visual angle - and it's great too! 


About Bernard Szajner:

Often described as the “French Brian Eno”, and like his British counterpart he has a parallel career as a successful visual artist. Before he started recording music he established himself as the mastermind behind innovative lighting effects for Gong, Magma, Pierre Henry, Oliver Messiasen, Stomu Yamashta and The Who. Later he became a pioneer in laser technology and robotics, inspired in 1980 by Samuel Delany’s novel Nova to create a laser harp which he used live on stage. He also collaborated with Howard Devoto of Magazine, and with Karel Beer in iconoclastic new wave outfit The (Hypothetical) Prophets. He has recently returned to making music after a long absence, inspired by the praise of musicians he has inspired such as Detroit techno icon Carl Craig, who cites Szajner’s music as being in his “all time top ten”.   



LP Tracklist: 

A1 Dune 

A2 Bashar 

A3 Thufir Hawat 

A4 Sardaukar

A5 Bene Gesserit

A6 Shaî Hulud

B1 Fremen

B2 Harkonnen

B3 Adab

B4 Gom Jabbar

B5 Ibad

B6 Kwizatz Haderach

Download Card bonus tracks:

C1 Duke (unreleased track)

C2 Spice (unreleased track)

CDDIGITAL Tracklist:

1  Dune

2  Bashar

3  Thufir Hawat

4  Sardaukar

5  Bene Gesserit

6  Shaî Hulud

7  Duke (unreleased track)

8  Fremen

9  Harkonnen

10 Adab

11 Gom Jabbar

12 Ibad

13 Kwizatz Haderach

14 Spice (unreleased track)



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