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Léonie Pernet

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Our compilation 'Music Activists' is available on Bandcamp. You can download it for free or order a special Tote Bag and receive an exclusive CD as a gift :

Music Activists #1 by Various Artists

All of our artists engage in thier own form of effecting change - here is a bit of background as to why these artists are Music Activists :

Secret Of Elements - Floater

Secret of Elements aka Johann is a musician and human activist. He has been on several excursions, working on boats in the Mediterranean to help the safe crossing of migrants with his association : Sea Eye. Follow his discourse and rights advocacy @SecretofElement.

Secret Of Elements is a Music Activist!

Bruce Brubaker - J’aime La Biauté (Arandel Remix)

Bruce Brubaker, Francesco Tristano's teacher at the Juilliard School, and further exposed through his interpretations of his friend Philip Glass. He decided to continue this research around "minimalism" and recently evoked the forms of Terry Riley's "free" scores and the similar ones of the Faenza Codex (The 16th century’s manuscript is one of the first "modern" known scores). These works mirror these "free" structures separated by 5 centuries on a modern piano takes this record away from the known forms of classical music albums - breaking musical boundries...

Bruce Brubaker is a Music Activist!

Labelle - Jaojoby

Labelle takes the torch of Maloya to the future! His island of origin - Reunion - is really exciting as it is a melting pot of cultures, religions, flavors and music. The singer of the revival of Maloya Daniel Waro talks about Reunion island's "batarsité", where the division allows to enrich ourselves and to escape the model. Today Labelle is the worthy descendant of Daniel Waro and his future is full of surprises that will open new roads, where music will collide to better enchant us.

Labelle is a Music Activist!

Deena Abdelwahed - Arroubi (Mettani Rework)

After the 2011 Tunisian revolt, electronic music became the preferred outlet of the Tunisian youth "to release their frustrations". At the crossroads of Pan-Arab traditional, Bass Ambient and Techno music, the early productions of Deena Abdelwahed rapidly gained support from Arabstazy, Morphosis or Debruit before arriving to our ears and in our Explorer compilation series. “Arroubi” - remixed by Mettani on the Music Activists compilation - is one of her first tracks composed in 2014. “I looked at myself more as a unique person, my experience and my motivations rather like being an ordinary Tunisian with her cultural legacies.” Deena says.

Deena & Arabstazy are Music Activists!

La Fraicheur - The Movements (Video Edit)

“I want to use moments of dancing to stimulate a bit of political awakening” La Fraicheur says. "The Movements" is the most vindictive and propulsive track of her debut album. It puts in perspective an interview of Angela Davis made with Amy Goodman for “Democracy Now” which develops the idea of intersectionality, which is according to her, the most relevant, powerful and contemporary way of approaching all discriminatory forms of policies and to combat them.

La Fraicheur is a Music Activist!

Rone - Wave feat. Noga Erez (Video Edit)

“Wave” raises questions about our digital world and its boundaries. Based on the track lyrics and directed by Greg Barth, the music video explores the strange and surreal world of online sex, ephemeral relationships and modern loneliness. In the current of the famous Black Mirror TV series, this dystopian, both funny and weird, clip is based on the story of a mature woman who uses a Tinder application, allowing her to engage in "virtual sex" practices with other users.

Rone is a Music Activist!

Mischa Blanos - Tozz

Mischa Blanos was born to be another classical pianist star from Eastern Europe. Since the age of 8 he won prices over prices (even an olympic medal!) One day, the young man left Romania to study in an English University, and discovered his moto: “The keyboard is mightier than the sword.” Since then he joined InFine’s troops to dive into the unknown...and became a Music Activist!

Léonie Pernet - African Melancholia

"African Melancholia sings this other face that is mine, that I hated for many years and that I cherish today. African Melancholia sings a community of destinies, to which I wanted to pay homage with this title." Léonie Pernet says.

As you may have seen, the music video features a young refugee running in the dark night in the north of Paris. Mohammed is a talented 23 year-old man coming from Sudan, spotted by Good Chance Theatre, and now about to be deported. Today, they are all fighting to ensure that his right to remain in France and more broadly to live in peace, freely and with dignity.

Léonie Pernet is a Music Activist!

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