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Since the release of “Roller Coaster”, their first EP for InFiné, it has taken the Spitzer brothers almost two years to produce their debut album. And not just any old two years; these have seen unrelenting winds of change blow like never before. North Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Russia, France, China: everywhere, there have been calls for Humankind to take its History back into its own hands. The idea of “The Call” perfectly captures the spirit of our movement-revering age; fittingly, this is also the title of the Spitzer brothers’ first album. 

As teenagers, Damien – on drums – and Matthieu – on guitar – were already using pop and punk compositions to release their angst, summoning an American vocalist from time to time to sound more legitimate. Slightly broke, the two siblings eventually decided to swap their instruments for digital production tools and turn their flat – located in the Guillotière district of Lyon – into a home studio; they then proceeded to seal their union for good under the Spitzer moniker, as a nod to Al Pacino’s favourite cocktail in Donnie Brasco (the Spritzer). 

Around the web at the time, the self-promotion guerrilla was raging with a plethora of free mp3 and flashy visuals being exchanged: the DIY ethos of the naughties was in full swing. Many artists fought to be recognised by the worldwide Blogosphere and get the most “friends” on Myspace. Spitzer played their cards right, scoring two remixes for Kylie Minogue and Sally Shapiro, as well as a world tour despite not having released a single record. 

But Spitzer were starting to think about making a real album, displaying a new-found thirst for materiality. With the unfailing support of the Nuits Sonores team, which they’d enjoyed right from the early days, they stayed true to their Lyon roots and eventually ended up signing with the local purveyor of electronic music, InFiné. This led them to remix a track for Aufgang (“Sonar”) and release their debut EP in spring 2010 (“Roller Coaster”).

The Call has been released on 3rd September 2012. 





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