As is now usual, every year we deliver a summer compilation. A pause, a glance in the rearview mirror to understand the convolutions of our development. This year, it’s our own version of Pop that we wanted to curate. While maintaining a respectful distance with it, it is a genre that we cherish from our first release. 

We like to venture regularly into it without daring to definitively settle down. Throughout random encounters and various releases, it is always in our thoughts.   

Including remixes by Apparat, Robin Guthrie (of Cocteau Twins), Turzi, Monokle… And tracks by Francesco Tristano, Clara Moto, Don Nino, Cubenx, Bachar Mar Khalifé, Composer…  

For the time available on MP3, Licence to Confuse (Sebadoh´s cover) by Outer Fall.

What´s more ? 9 tracks ... IF we Pop is cheap and sexy !

available on ITunes ( link International + FR )


1- Don Nino // Beats (Turzi remix) / # childish # rhythmic # decadence

from “Beats” (remixes) released in October 2012

2- Bachar Mar Khalife // Machins Choses (Almeeva remix) / # dark # eroticism # physical

from “Machins Choses” (remixes) released in April 2013  

3- Cubenx // Grass (Robin Guthrie remix) / #sweet #ballad #emotions

From Grass (remixes) released in May 2012 

4- Clara Moto // Silently (Sissi Lewis remix) / #garage #abstract #silent revolt

From Silenty (remixes) released in November 2009  

5- Rone // Parade (Blind Digital Citizen remix) / #party #électriv #voyage

taken from Parade (remixes) released in november 2012

6- Francesco Tristano // Strings of Life (Apparat remix) / #astral #off beat #bubble

taken from Strings of Life released in November 2006 

7-Composer // Check Chuck (Monokle remix) / #ambiant #nap #dream

taken from Check Chuck (remixes) in May 2012  

8- Outerfall // Licence to Confuse / #rage #robot #raverock

taken from Licence to Confuse (12" only) released in August 2012

 9- Spitzer // Clunker (The Same Interpretation) / #Dark #Gothic

taken from Clunker  (Remixes) released in February 2013



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