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Mutated outernational dance transmissions from Tuinisian experimentalist Deena Abdelwahed. Part of the international dialogue currently going on between the electronic underground and boundary pushing artists from around the globe. The four tracks on the Klabb EP fuse local rhythms and new technology in the same fresh way as Omar Souleyman's collaborations with Four Tet or the Shangaan electro moves of Nozinja. However, do not make the mistake of classifying this as 'world music' - an out-dated colonial ghetto for nonwestern music modes - this is a vital now sound that recognises no borders in it's fierce mission to make the dancefloor bump whilst uncompromisingly referencing all-too-real geopolitical concerns.

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1. Jalel Brick Rrumi

2. Walk On, Nothing To See Here

3. Ena Essbab

4. Klabb



11.02.2017 - 6PAR4, Live / Laval (France)
04.03.2017 - L’Echonova, Live / Vannes (France)
27.05.2017 - Villette Sonique, Dj set / Paris (France)

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