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Bachar Mar-Khalifé

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“First motivation, this song is not the most well-known song of Serge Gainsbourg but it´s taken from “Percussion”. This explains the choice to make of this cover a piano version. People usually forget that piano´s initial nature is… is the percussion. 


Bachar Mar-Khalifé - Machins Choses (ft. Kid A) from InFine Music on Vimeo.


The desire to rework a version with Kid A was strong and we both wanted to get out of our comfort zone, from which comes out this physical tension in the vocal parts during the recording. The ethereal saxo makes way for the clock of the piano and sets free the original version, it also reflects the Zeitgeist, which leave no time to laugh and to break free. And finally, the implicit suggestions in the original are more explicitly pronounced in this version for a more seriously erotic experience.” Bachar Mar Khalifé

Taken from  “Who’s gonna get the ball from behind the wall of the garden today?” , “Machins choses” is released this week as digital single including 3 remixes by EWAN PEARSON, CAMERA and ALMEEVA. The three remixes have gathered impressive feedbacks from WILL SAUL, JORIS VOORN, AGORIA, HERNAN CATTANEO,LAURENT GARNIER, MAX COOPER, HUXLEY, TIEFSHWARZ, AME, JOHN DIGWEED, NICK WARREN, JUSTIN ROBERTSON, CHLOE…

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