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Bachar Mar-Khalifé

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Bachar Mar-Khalife is a classically-trained pianist and percussionist, later called to become a singer for his own productions. Bachar was originally concert performer for Lorin Maazel and Jeff Gaffigan, then he ventured on different kinds of stage : with his Family (Rami and Marcel Khalifé), l´Ensemble Intercontemporain, Murcof, Kery James, Francesco Tristano or Bojan Z.


Emotionally split between France and Lebanon, the music of Bachar opens new borders while displaying a strong personality. The precious and intimate compositions of "Oil Slick" released in 2010 make way on his second album for songs fueled by stage experience. This new album includes covers of Serge Gainsbourg sublimated by the voice of Kid A, of his father, Marcel, but also alternate versions of songs from his debut album as well as original compositions.




Bachar makes a musical dent in a world in motion, leaving us with a breathtaking album permeated with poetry and psychedelia. Truly Mindblowing. The release of "Who's gonna get the ball from behind the wall of the garden today?" Is scheduled for March 4th in France and the rest of the world between March and May 2013.


Note that Bachar has produced lately two film soundtracks to be released in 2013. One of them, "Layla Fourie" directed by Pia Marais with August Dielh and Rayna Campbell will premiere Feb. 11th for the 63rd edition of the Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival).



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