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Fraction will be the special guest of Canadian Filmmaker and artist Pierre Hébert for an improvised performance in Amiens this week, on the January 20th (Maison de la Culture d'Amiens)

During the past decades,  Hébert  has developed a new type of performance involving "live" animation scratched directly on a film loop while it is rolling in a projector, usually associated with improvised music and occasionally with dance. Usually he is  expanding this live animation practice with the use of computers in the Living Cinema project along with american composer Bob Ostertag.
As experimental/electronica artist, Fraction will do his best to catching up the soul of living cinema, and we are persuaded that his sense of  live improvisation and rhythm deconstruction skills will lead  this performance to a great  art creation. Something to see. Something to listen. Something to live.
Be there.

The january 20th at Cinema Orson Welles in Amiens - Pierre Hébert & Fraction

More on Pierre Hebert :

Formerly an employee of the National film board of Canada where he directed over twenty animation shorts and a feature (La Plante humaine, best Quebec feature award 1996), Pierre Hébert is now an independent artist and filmmaker. Since 2001, he traveled the world with his musician colleague Bob Ostertag and presented the Living Cinema live animation performance over 70 times. He also worked with other musicians like Fred Frith, Stefan Smulovitz and Robert Marcel Lepage. He equally collaborated with dance companies in New York, Montreal and France and published two books and many articles on cinema and animation. His latest projects are the multilingual video installation “Only the hand…, presented in Montreal in December 2009, and the solo performance "49 Flies". In 2005, he received the “Albert Tessier” cinema award from the Quebec government for lifetime achievement and in August 2010, he was granted an honorary professorship by the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

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